Wandering Star.

Back once again, with the ill behavior ladies and amigos.
Been hella busy working on elephantmen flats, and school work.. and while I'd love to show the colors I've been doin, you'll have to run to your local comix shop to scope THAT OUT.

WHAT I CAN SHOW YOU THOUGH--- New work i been doin at school.
My first class in line is intermediate 3d modeling, so in essence -- learn how to model a human character. One of the first assignments in class was to draw up a design sheet for a character we'd like to model near the end of the class, so i conjured up my lil buddy SQUARDO, level 7 glory monk. I'll be unleashing a lil mini comic with him in a few weeks, its sort of an experimental comic me and my boy NAMNIK are whippin up, where i draw the panels first, and he fills in the bubbles-- without any of my help. We'll see how that turns out! He does some good writing, so i'm sure it'll be tasty.

Along with that, here's a screen cap of the current 3d model we're building, built up from a single box, so thats pretty neat to learn. This whole 3d mess gets a bit tricky, specially when you get triangles or 5 sided polys going on, it can really mess things up when its renderin, SO AVOID THOSE BADDIES, KIDS!
This class is really giving me a deep thirst to want to model my own characters just for fun, maybe even animate them.. which will be done next quarter when i take intermediate 3d animation! YAH.

Now i must prepare for WONDERCON.
Much more on that when i get back!

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