Son Mis Dias (These are my days)

FINALLY. I made out pretty good this quarter, managed to score to jobs doing colors for elephantmen, and a third coming up during xmas break, so i'ma happy camper right now. The only troublesome class was AUDIO, which wasnt so much hard in terms of work, that part was easiest thing i've had to do to date, but it was waking up on time to get there on time that really tore me a new one.
The teacher was a real tight ass, and I for one appreciate his attitude, but godamn does it suck. He gave tests right at the start of class (8am), so i managed to miss all of them. It's not as bad as it sounds, the tests were bullshit lil points, and there were only two of them, but still -- a zero is a zero and two zeros can really put a drag on yer average.
Most teachers give you till the end of the class if not the end of the day to turn in projects, the day they're due... but this guy gave you till 10, 930 or 9 to turn them in. If they were in a minute after you'd get 50% off the grade, thats HORRIBLE. And that's were i appreciate it. In the real world, if i turned in a project late... i'd prolly just straight up get fired, so i'm thankful for getting 50% as opposed to nothing at all.
That info was news to me, so the first project ended up being 50% off. I can't blame anyone but me though, i didnt show up to the first day of class-- rather i showed up minutes after he let the class out early.. which meant i missed the syllabus reading, which i should have read on my own... then i woulda known about the 50% off bullspit.


Eco biology was a breeze -- twas one of the toughest classes i've had at the school, only because he expected you to actually remember things. Other gen eds at school have been easy, and usually we take a test on one or 2 chapters. This guy gave tests on 3 chapters which all covered shit tons of information... needless to say i never really studied, but i know i came out with a B at least. Learned me some nice things about the environment too, stuff i'm implementing into story ideas right now actually.. so that was worth while.

Last class i took this quarter was 3d animation. Yer basic animation class on 3d, learned how to use 3d studio max for animating. Last quarter i took a class learning how to model basic things, so this was the next step. In the end we were supposed to make a 10-30 second animation, but good ol me missed that tid bit -- so here i shelled out a movie that ran about 2.5 minutes long. It was a great learning experience nonetheless.. i'm really starting to dig this 3d stuff.
I'll be uploading that soon, but for sneakums, here's a lil render of the room i designed, and the full movie can be download here-- (RIGHT CLICK SAVE! 220mb!) FINAL 3d ANIMATION

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