Automatic Yawns.

Another month passes by and I neglect my poor lil blog spot...i really wish i could get more posted, but somehow I feel that posting obsessively would be a waste of my time?
I reckon i draw enough on a weekly basis to update this bad boy constantly, but i hardly scan my stuff... I think I've grown out of the "I WANT TO SHOW OFF MY NEW ART PIECES TO THE INTERNETS!" mentality.

Then again, why would i be doing this?
To be honest, so the handful of people that come here know i'm still alive heh.
I reckon its also a nice record of what kind of person i was at this time in age.
I've read over some VERY OLD posts from when i was younger, and Christ all mighty have I grown up. The shit i used to say, i'll never understand why i acted like that... but anyhow, onto the progress of gabo.

Winter quarter of school wasn't that hard or stressing.
The first few weeks were really dragging, I had a materials and lighting class that really didnt go anywhere, the teacher didnt really come out of his shell until mid quarter, so I felt as though we could have learned A LOT more, but what can you do?
3D modeling class i managed to show up to late everyday, by at least an hour. Didn't matter much as the teacher didnt really start teaching/lecturing until an hour into the class.. which worked out perfect. I managed to learn a lot in that class, we modeled both male and female human bodies, in different ways... so that was rewarding.
I even had enough time to model my own character.. which was really awesome.
I've got the same teacher next quarter for character rigging, which means i'll be able to animate this lil dude, which will be damn awesome.

2d animation started off really slow, i tried putting together something that was just too advanced for me, well maybe not so much ADVANCED but just a pain in the ass to animate. I picked this guy on the bike to animate, and after a few motion studies i realized that i needed to something that i could actually get done in the 11 weeks we had in class. Something SIMPLER. Unfortunatley I didnt finish my animation, but it IS looking mighty sweet. I'll be sure to post it when its done for all you to oogle at.

Now the biggest thing of all this first quarter was WONDERCON. I got to hang out with a fantastic man, mister Justin Norman.. the artist for elpehantmen. This guy has done so much for me in terms of comic gigs, that its insane. I'm so damn grateful to him for getting me talking to the poeple that i need to talk to. I got to hang out with him and the ever graceful, mystical and powerful Richard Starkings, owner of Comicraft, and writer for Elephantmen comic. I got to hang out at the Image booth, selling Elephantmen and drawing sketches for patrons all weekend long, it was the most humbling and rewarding convention experience of my life.
Those two guys have really brought me up in the pro ranks so fast, that my head is still spinning, i'm so grateful I've had the opportunity to work with and for them.
There's a bunch of other stuff that's cookin on the gabogrill right now...but i'd rather not discuss it till its a bit more cooked.
More latros.

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