Who'll Stop the Rain

I've been wonderin when in God's name we were gonna get our permasnow -- and holy wow, its here. By permasnow i mean, snow that actually sticks around for more than a day...
School's really been kicking my ass lately, so i haven't been able to knock out any real drawing, which is always really upsetting, cause damn its like my wife this art game -- and i need some lovin.

I actually made a bold and prolly really bad decision, but i went ahead and sold my xbox. Yah. To be honest i never play it to begin with. Leah likes to watch tv, and sometimes i'd rather watch anthony bordain's "NO RESERVATIONS" than play a videogame. Could it be that i'm getting to be an old man, and those types of things just dont do it for me anymore?

I've even been getting the itch to READ. And i dont mean like back issues of spiderman -- i mean books, novels. Maybe not just novels but maybe things that can expand my mind in terms of world culture.
I've come to realize while being in gen ed classes that those clases are actually really valuable. A lot of the kids there go on and on about how gen eds are a waste of time, as they'll never be useful in the art world, but i'll tell you what, if it hadn't been for US history, i would have never done a comic about manzanar. History is pure gold in terms of brainstomring for ideas. You dont know how many ideas of thought of where i take history, science and math and inject it into the worlds i create... its so uplifting to be able to pull from that bank of knowledge, it really is.

, before i start writing an essay on why gen eds are important to growing artists, i'm gonna leave you with a lil taste of something thats been baking in my oven brain for the past few months.
Mailer Daemon is the story of a young lad who is one of the last physical mail carriers left in the universe. With the advent of electronic mail, snail mail has been getting less and less popular-- so i took it a step forward and peek into the distant future where snail mail is damn near extinct. Our protago is assigned to devlier a package that he later finds out is something that will not only completely revolutionize the way poeple communicate and send mail-- but will also make him and his electronic friends completely obselete.
Its still very much in the fetus stages, so i wouldn't hold my breate for anything complete for quite a while. I had a hankerin for some watercolors, so i listened to my urges and played around with some dual lighting power.
I like the warm glow on the back of daemon -- i'm totally proud of that NO LIES.
I think i might go back and add a couple more layers to it in the future, i dont feel that its quite done yet... till then - keep warm kiddies.

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