If it wasnt for you.

I'm not gonna bother checkin when's the last time I've updated this thing, so instead i'll just get kickin into what i've been DOING.

Past two months have been 75% school, and 25% comic work.
Most of the school stuff i'll be able to put up shortly, but as for the comic work- its been more colorin than actually drawing (unfortunately :/) But it's not so bad being as its paying work YAH!


I'm really getting a feel for the way moritat colors, i'm really diggin it too.
I don't want to say its EASY, but it is fast - but also really emotional.
I'm wrapping up flats on issue 15 and i've been able to study his style a lot more, so hopefully soon he won't have to do so much touch ups on my stuff!

OH, and a new shirt for any of you runnin around naked!
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Mellanie Nicklo [Luniara] said...

You update as much as I do.