We need a war...

I've very excited to announce that TOUT LE MONDE: THE HUNNY BUNN EXCHANGE BOOK 1 is out now!! I finally managed to get it put together and up for sale on indyplanet.com, click on the cover there and it'll guide you to the site. I put up a quick 6 page preview to wet your appetite! Big things comin this month, it's gonna be an INSANE SUMMER.

The characters and story LOOKS like its geared towards children, but believe me mommas and poppas, you dont want lil junior and cindy lu reading these pages!

The story revolves around a planet called Pan Mundo, where bread persons are as charming as any man-person, and as evil as any bee-man that you might cross! In a world run by sugar, join our two sugarless friends, Sally and Frenchee, as they are sent on a mission to rescue the lovely, and ever so sweet Ms. Hunny Bunn from the clutches of the Mother Bee!

I'm hopin to start up a web comic that covers this book, i'm about 90% done with it, i hope to launch it sometime in august, with updates twice or maybe three times a week. I can't wait to see how people recieve it!!

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