FAT CHUNK VOL 1 : ROBOTS IS OUT RIGHT NOW. Wow, i've waiting so long for this, i managed to slip in a short two page story (most of the comics in there are 2-3 pages, if not just one.) I dont know how well this book is gonna do, i dont think i've ever seen a book comprised of 30+ 2-3 pg entries. Then again, if you've ever read comics like milk and cheese or johnny the homicidal maniac, you'll be used to that format. Either way its exciting to see this finally come out. There's a lot of amazing artists in this lil book, and i cant wait to get my manly hands around it. I wish i had time to put together some for the zombie issue, maybe i can slip in my lil 2pgr this month. GO GET YER COPY RIGHT NOW, ITS NEAT.

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