The Irony of it all...

Where can i start this? Its been entirely too long since i've posted, i really hate falling off the blogger horse, .. so i'll do my best to get back on track with some highlights.

In may, i hit up seattle con, and had a wonderful time. I struck up an amazing friendship with Mr Justin Norman, AKA MORITAT. He's taken me under his wing as his lil apprentice of sorts, at least thats how it feels, and i'm so grateful.. i've learned so much from him in the past few weeks. Him and Brandon Graham are like my senseis, one in the art of crazy dynamic comics, and the other in the ways of business and speed.

over the past few weeks i've been doing a lot of pr
epping for the con season, just putting together stuff i can sell, and its been okay on the profit front, but this past weekend really bombed. Wizard World Chicago was a complete bust, it turned out that there were a few other festival type events going on in the city of Chicago, so a lot of the usual traffic that the con gets in august, was now dispersed across the town. That was a bit upsetting, the only upside was a visit from a gentleman from Wizards of the West Coast, and i've punched myself repeatedly in the face for not having gotten his info or even bothered to jot down his name.

I dont want to get too caught up in too much right now, so i'll disperse what i've been up to in lil installments.
for now, here's some watercolor pieces i did at the con...

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Taoren said...

these are pretty cute

ok on the capt america piece i understand the hotdog and the burger but why a watermelon? XD