Hello amigos and amigas. I have news for you all. Galvo has gone international. YES. HOW? HUH? Okay so, i got this buddy, okay i wont lie, i hardly know the guy, but he did something for pulpopress.com fourth PULPO anthology, so in return he asked me to do something for HIS anthology, PIRAT. SO I DID. And i think it came out pretty neat. If you wanna pick up a copy of this fine and i do mean FINE FINE publication, and you dont mind reading things in polish, or you're a fan of just lookin at epic comics and pretty pictoors, please CLICK ON THE COVER IMAGE. You can check out mikolaj (my buddy) at his BLOGSPOT, he rocks something FIERCE.

The story is about a taco delivery man, in the FUTURE. Yah, i love tacos, so why not do a story on them. One of the panels is up top right now (and i know in a few weeks i'll prolly change the header image to something neate and newer, and this entry wont quite make sense anymore, BUT WHATEV). Its only about ten pages, but i hope on having another 10 or so ready and toned up so i can print off a cute lil 20pg book i can pass around at the cons this summer, let people get a taste of my POWERS. I'll post a page or two in the coming days fo sho.

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Andre Szymanowicz said...

Holy Crap Awesome stuff!! I saw on your buddy's blog one of your pages - that stuff looks great! Really funny too!