Man in the mirror..

GALVO IS NOW ON ZUDACOMICS.COM. Yah thats right! I finally got on the comics competition being backed by DC COMICS. Very exciting stuff! Its sort of a comic battle, where you submit 8 pages of a short story, and then people vote on who did the best. I'm a tad weirded out that my entry is sitting at last place, regardless off all the great comments i've been receiving, but i have to say that i'm super excited that i've had the opportunity to go up against some damn good competition, so being in last isn't in the slightest upsetting. I think if i do a lil more advertising to the people that enjoy my work, i can get my rank to go up more hopefully, but either way, its been an honor to even BE in the competition.
Go check it out! SUPPORT ZUDA AND VOTE! (and dont just vote for ME haha, vote for who you think did the best job! THEY DESERVE IT!)

Click below to go to the site and check
out the entries

And click here to check my story out!

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