school vs exposure

Recently i was approached by a comic artist by the name of Mikolaj to throw in some page for a anthology (i'm assuming) in some other part of the world. I should have asked him where exactly, but i figure i'll do that once i turn in th pages (if you click on his name and go to his blogspot, maybe someone can tell me what language that is?) Moving on though, i decided to take the first 10 page of CHICAGUA and give him that.

Now my dilemma is this: Should i feel bad for not doing my school work 100%, so i can finish up these pages and get some exposure in another country? Shit should i even worry? Really the worst that can and will happen is that the teacher is disappointed and marks me late on some projects. I can live with that. If the teach were to take some other abrasive attitude with my excuse for not having my shit done, could he really take that attitude when i told him its for a publication in another country, and it can potentially expand my audience exponentially? I'm almost positive that all he would do is encourage me to get both of the tasks at hand done as fast as possible.

Either way, i'm almost done with the pages, and once i have that together i'll be posting them.
I'm happy to report that i've been doodling more, rather than going straight to production work. It's a really great way to warm up, and i know i've been neglecting that practice for quite some time now, so doin this is really starting to jump start my brain before i get to the nitty gritty.

I'm trickling in some more of these random sketch session i had weeks ago at the panera near my work. This is the level of creativity i want to get back to and beyond. Lately its been nothing more than horribly rendered figure studies, which often turn into incoherent scribbles. My fav piece there is fat dude with the long jacket, he's one of the characters in my new short i'll have done for the con season. Name is still unkown, but i think i have an idea of what it'll be. Something a lil personal, a dedication of sorts.


Anonymous said...

i think it's polish.......

I'm really digging these.....I hope you have a table reserved at that panera.......cuz this is working for you

Lindsay said...

i wouldn't worry.
So long as eventually everything gets done, you know.

Congrats on getting something published in another country. That's really cool. :)