What hurts the most...

RESPARK.NET (my host) is experiencing some technical difficulties, which is why you wont be able to see the images in the posts before this one. So in order to continue, i've had to move my base of operation to a sub folder under entervoid.com, which i used to have, but never really updated. What hurts the most though, is the fear that i might not get my files back. I didnt really make a back up of all the stuff i had posted before, why? because i totally trust the internet way too much.

Hopefully i've learned my lesson.
I managed to finish a few projects this week, and i've gotten some great news on others, THAT I SHALL DIVULGE WHEN IT HAS ALL BEEN SETTLED AND WHAT NOT.

I dont really have much to post, i've been doodling a lot in my new sketchbook, but i'm just tired and my the damn S key on my keyboard keeps acting up. So i leave you with some really stupid sketches.


slick said...

Ah man, I know, tell me about it. Tight sketches, the dinos are so polite. Its nice to seem some manners every once in awhile in the Cretaceous era. They were so crude. And you know, I don't think I've ever drawn a Batman before, hm. I like yours.

Lindsay said...

aw, that's lame! :(
I trust the internet too much too. But sometimes it's hard to remember to back up your files.
Anyway, your batman made me smile. :)