Finally done with spring quarter at school, hopefully i walked away with straight A's, but i fear that i got a "B" in fundamentals of art, lame i know. But man sometimes relearning all the basics and doing things that arent new to you can be a real drag si si :\

Working my lil arse off getting shit together for this summer now that i'm on summer break.
I have three weeks to finish up my entry for an upcoming anthology, and get some more sketches done to put together a hot lil sketchbook for the cons i'll be hitting up in the following weeks.

Last night i had a fun time doing a live art show at a quaint lil lounge/bar a few minutes from my house. I jammed out this piece while listening to the dj power of Rick Fabris ( http://myspace.com/rickfrabris ). I learned a few things tonight bout painting which was fun, one thing being that i love painting on hard pressed wood stuff better than canvas. It doesnt have them nooks and crannies, its really smooth so i get some flat textures.. or something. Anyhow, rick kicked up some ideas of maybe coming out there on a weekly basis to do live art and getting a lil dough for being there. Itd be nice, even if it was a free meal ha!

Busy busy 3 weeks coming up, cant wait to post some shit!

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