back once again with the ill behavior.

Freakin hello to you boys n gals, summer break is going by awful slow... and thats good for me HEH. Did another lil live art show last saturday and put together this lil monster for the owner, it was fun to do but the damn paint would not dry fast enough, i figure cuase it was a bit damp outside and i was watering down the acrylic a lil more too iono. Anyways, he seemed to like it, but you never really know whether or not they love it until you hear from someone else who knows them personally and is willing to tell you the truth.

Workin on putting together VOID 4.0 now, its gonna be a damn pain in the ass for sure, toast has been pretty much rebuilding the site from scratch since our lil incident back at the end of 2006 was caused by some lazy coding on his behalf, or some shit like that. Either way, he's putting massive work into our lil baby and she's gonna come out like a fucking superstar later this year FO SHO. That guy is a fucking MACHINE lemme tell you.

Still pushing along on the lil project i got going for a special lil anthology, which is due at the end of july so i really gotta start feeding more coal to my engine, specially with school coming up in 2 weeks.

Cant wait to get back into the mix though, i feel so empty without constantly learning new shit... I mean there's always your day to day "oh i didnt know that! you learn something new everyday" type of events in your life, but i'm talking bout the stuff you learn in school.. the really awkward stuff you already knew, and yer relearning...yes i'm tired and i'm starting to talk stupid shit. Well whatever, all i know is that i'm sitting on a fatty 4.0 gpa right now, and I have yet to tell my momma bout it, i'm sure she'll find something to bitch about though HA.

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