busting out some idears...

I been sitting on this story for damn near two years and i finally it started to stab at my ass enough to where i couldnt stand it no mores! That and i've been achin to use/learn this nifty japanese brush pen i picked up in Seattle a few weeks ago. I'm not really putting much effort into it, as i'm just tryin to a) get the hang of the epic brush pen, and b) tryin out some sequential ideas. Dont really know how long i'll drag this out for, but i've got a somewhat short story arch planned for it so we'll see what happens.
Page 5&6 were totally inspired by Goseki Kojima (Lone Wolf & Cub), i've been reading the book every so often when i get a chance...so his work is really stickin in my head right now.
Click on the pic for the 6 other pages!

End of the quarter is lil less than 3 days away (this coming wed, the following monday and next wed), so i'm gearing up for what i hope wont be too tough of a slaughter house test frenzy. Since we fell behind in fundamentals of art, the teacher has decided to cross off our final project and instead make the drawing of the hallways the final project... with some added objects and what not of course. I was really looking forward to doing what had originally been planned which was a big extravagant interior of a room.. although i probably would have done a large city scape that i could use in tout le monde or some other project in the future. Oh well!
Math promises to be an easy test, as the "hard" test we already took (or so she says)... so i'm looking forward to nailing up a big A+ for that class on the fridge door. Psych might dip down to a B+ as i'm a borderline A- right now. Itd be really nice to be able to see my name on the honors/dean's list... something i've never experienced. I wont lie, its not so much for my gratification, but for my mom... i was never that great in school growing up, so now maybe i can make up for that. Now that it counts i figure.


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