The fat man says OOMF!

I've had the overwhelming urge to do some animation lately, so i finally took some time to myself and went at it with no worries on who would see it or what they might say. In other words, its got its massive flaws hehe.

I've been wanting to put together a lil animation to play with the "onion peel" button for quite some time now, since a buddy showed me the button... such a genius feature.

The end of second quarter of school is 2 weeks away, freakin crazy. Shit goes by so fast, and its awesome. I love the way they set up the quarters, we have a test every 2 or 3 weeks, so shit really stays fresh in your mind... that or i'm actually smart? HA, either way i'm getting A's in all 3 of my classes so i'm extra excited.

I hope to push out the rest of my lil 18 page project during my lil 3 week vacation before quarter 3 starts... hopefully i dont sleep in too much, i really dont like sleeping. Well scratch that... i love to sleep, i just wish i didnt have to. Its such a waste of time... with exception of transferring short term memory into long term memory of course.

sleep, you bastard i love you.

'nother lil galvomode.net header...
i love hip hop ganeshs

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