Cheese and rice.

Surprisingly enough, i got a lot done today. Even though i managed to waste about 4 hours playing pokemon dungeon.. yes i play videogames.. but only when i cant draw. Now thats a bunch of shit i know. You can always draw, even if yer on a bumpy ass subway car... but alas.. the mind needs to experience entertainment and some other form of completion no?

so i managed to bust out 3 pages of Amo Jamon this weekend, but that sounds more extravagant than it really is. One of the pages was just a single panel of buildings.. but damn those can be a pain in the ass when you tryin to bust out multiple perspective points. I had to tape extra pieces of computer paper on either end of the bristol to get the perspective i was looking for.

Along with that i managed to wrap up my drapery assignment for fundamentals of drawing class. Yeah yeah i know.. fundamentals of drawing.. fuckin lame right? Eh, to be honest i've learned a few things i never knew... and somethings that i DID know.. but never quite understood how they were done. Not only that, but it makes for good warming up before i hit the comix.

Anyhow, i'm hoping to bust out a few sketches on a daily basis before i start doing anything.. even if its in highlighter pen at work. Just like this lil illo below... i think i might try n do one daily, and then put them into rotation on my site.

itd be neat i figure.

cant wait for summer break... i need some down time so i can get these pages done and colored up POOF!

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