*FART* I can sleep when i'm dead.

Been working like a monster on some pages for an anthology coming up this fall (or so they say), but man school sure is being a pain in the ass. Its not so much as HARD, but it takes a lot out of me.
Mondays and Wednesdays, I'm waking up at around 6am (not typical for me,..usually its more like 7:30-8am), and busting my ass to school by 8am (which is usually actually like 8:15-8:30), and then i'm there till about 6pm... rather, my last class (i only have three) gets out at 5:50, and then i end up sitting in the student lounge drawing up comics till my girl swings by to pick me up, sometime after 7 or 8. Then if i'm not too puckered out, i hit up the gym for 1-3 hours. THEN I EAT.

Tuesdays i usually walk my happy lil ass to work, start up at 2 or 3 and dont get home till around 10/11 at night. Walking for an hour, and then standing for 8 isnt the funnest thing in the world... but at least I've managed to get 70 some odd thumbnails drawn up for the rest of the Tout Le Monde book.

Thursdays is always 9-4. I get a ride to work in the AM, and i'm usually there around 8:45 cuase my girl works at 9 or 10... and then i walk my happy lil ass home! Its not so bad with the ipod streamin musica into my mind... helps me reflect on a lot of shit, i wouldn't be suprised if it turns my hippocampus on and helps me put some shit into long term memory while i'm taking my lil trek home. Listen to me talking all intelligently, it wont happen often i promise. But while i'm in pshycology, i should try to at least recite what i'm learning, dontcha think?

Friday mornings i work a quick 9-12 shift, and then steph picks me up and we get some delish katsudon from the japanese mall near my girls work. Its fuckin amazing lemme tell you. After that we hit her pad and just crash for the rest of the afternoon, doze off to some vh1 garbage.

Weekends are full of 8 hour shifts that are either closing or opening. I've managed to convince my supervisor to only work me 9-5 on sundays...so at least now i have a nice sunday night to spend with the misses.

Anyfuckingways.. some of the shit i been workin on, for you to gaga over... if my shit warrants that type of reaction that is...

And sketchy shit, just warm ups and character studies...

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