SO I FINALLY WENT BACK TO SCHOOOOOOLL. Yes, its been like 8 years. When did i graduate you say? 98. YAH. What the hell have i been doing since then? DRAWING. Well okay, i've been drawing with PURPOSE and on a SERIOUS level for the past 4, but still.. i havent just been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

And as i write this, i will let you know that i dont feel good in my tummy.
I feel like puking blah.
I think its the sphagetti-o's i ate. They were cold. I cant imagine thats a reason they would mess with my tum, but then again.. God only knows what they make those meatballs out of... uuuuugghh.

moving on,...
school school school.
Going to the ART INSTITUTE OF SCHAUMBURG. Everyone seems to hate the chain of AI schools, but if you ask me everyone hates the school they go to. Its like having a job you hate, someone else out there would love to have your job i figure.
Anyhoo, i'm going for game art design... why? So i can get a real job.
I'm tired of greeting people at Best Buy.. well okay i'm not so much TIRED of it, i just dont wanna do it for the rest of my life.
I realized that i need to go and find myself a better job, so when i get home i can work on comics.. YES COMICS MHMHMH.
But specifically i need to work on getting
PULPO PRESS (formerly VOIDstudios) going like a bullet train.
I managed to finish up the website today, and hope to get PULPO VOL 3: TRANSOPTIC OPUS out tommorrow afternoon, if not definatly sunday.

Si si, more laters.

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