My scanner divorced me.

I can admit that I've been one lucky son of a bitch with electronic equipment. *knock on wood* I've never really blown up a computer, never crashed a hard drive, never exploded a power supply.. none of that shit. So I wasnt too surprised when my scanner final keeled over. I wasnt so much upset, but concerned. Even then i wasnt really concerned, because i know i can just get another one. Or so I thoughts.
Turns out scanners arent that fuckin cheap anymore. Even with my plush lil discount at work, I'll still be looking at $120+, and thats not including the service plan i would most DEFINITELY purchase, just so this shit doesnt happen again. So what would i do now? DRAW LIKE A MONSTER AND RAKE UP THE PAGES AT A LATER DATE AND RUN OVER TO SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE TO SCAN THEM.

Has that been happening? Not at all.
But for good reason lemme tell ya! I've been tryin to finish this damn anthology , but it just seems to be draggin on, but what can you do when you really want to wait on some extra pages right? So with that said, i plan on a VDAY
release date for all to purchase. Hopefully i can stick to that heheh.

After that though, the next goal is 1) Making sure i do good in school and 2) i get my book done before march 16. My second book is a beefier version of what i'm putting into pulpo, and with a different ending.. so i'm excited about that one. It'll be my first bonafied graphic novel. SO YAY FOR ME.

School starts the 15th, i havent been back since highschool.. which i never really finished to begin with, i'll be attending the Art Institute of Schaumburg, shooting for game art & design BFA there, but because i didnt score that well on that damn math placement test, they'll be shoving me in media arts and animation degree till i can keep a steady 2.5 gpa going for a quarter or two, which i hope wont be a problem.. specially since i'm 100% awesome and 200% dedicated to doin the best i can so i can get the hell out of dead end job land. I just hope i can get these cats to loan me some cash to PAY. My ma agreed to hook me up with cash for books and stuff, but she cant really help me with tuition for a year or two, since my sister is in school right now too. But thats okay, i live on my own, and i dont make that much at my job.. so the govt should provide me with plenty of free $$$$.

Gotta meet up with my financial aid officer dude, to talk about some more loans i hope!


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