Things slow down...

Time to slow down i say. Yes, xmas is over, new years is done and i didnt not get killed in some shit faced driving accident.

Now i have to admit, on new years eve i decided NOT to go out ... simply for the fact that i didnt want to be a yearly statistic, ... i figure hey .. i dont drink, i dont really party... and i certainly would rather be workin on shit i need to get out this month.. so fuck it, stay home. Save yer life.

Anyways, slowing down. The rushes at work are non existant now, and i'm actually in the midst of getting a new job.
Just had an interview at an online payment company, and it seemed to have gone well. My buddy taht works there says that i prolly got the job, but we'll see...
If i DO get it... shit is gonna get better for me n my girl. Finally i'll be able to pay back the people and companies i owe, and cons will be much easier to get to. HURA!

anyways... i hadn't been hitting the daily chet buuk that much.. but i have been making up for it in actual work.
so yeh... blah.

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