when you get so tired, you blink and get dizzy...

Been feeling really tired lately. I usually work nights, well not nights... but i close at work.. which means i get home at around 10 or 11, sometimes a bit later.. but regardless i get to bed round one or two, being as leah has to work usually round 9 or 10 the next morning. So on days that i work...I have to go at around three or four, so i end up setting my alarm clock for round 10 or 11. But there in the lies the problem... i dont wake up then. I snooze like a mother fucker, till an hour before i have to work. I KNOW i have shit to do, in fact i have A LOT of shit i have to get done this winter, but i dont get up. I'm seriously starting to believe i have mono or some shit, i dont know. I dont know what thats like. But i think maybe i have to be more tired.

Right bout now i'm feeling that mode of tiredness where when you blink yer eyes kind of go crossed and it takes a second for them to revert to normal... ya .. you know what i mean. And here i woke up at noon today. Bullshit i say.

anyways... some art from church on xmas eve, and some shit from a local bar on wednesday.
oh and king kong was intense. MMHMM.
kong didnt really look REAL perse... like a REAL ape, but he sure as hell earns the title for missing link between realistic man in suit and real ape. kudos to them.

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