jerks and dames

Bleh, at work ummm, some guy came up to us and asked us for an opinion on which gift card looked nicer.
He was holding two of them, and one of them, while very sparkly and flashy, was a gift card with a large minora on it. So we tried to explain to him that it was for jewish people.. he didnt seem to quite understand, so he asked around to other customers what the significance of the 9 candles was... he then found someone and made sure he told us what that customer said. It was a nice little informative occasion. I just wish the guy wasnt such a close talker, and came straight out of the 80's. ewww.

anyways, i had to draw a little jewish boy lovin on the minora.
and hell yes dj igor

and some shitty drawing of a character from http://entervoid.com

OH and then on wedensday i felt i should draw toolio, i hadn't drawn him for a minute, and i really wanted to sketch him out more child like, but i didnt get out what was in my head.
anyways... i had this plastic peice of ummm iono plastic, shaped kinda like a credit card.. so i said fuck it, lets draw some VOIDallstars cards. heh.

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