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POLAND IS BEING INVADED BY GABOSAUR! Okay, the word INVASION is a bit pretentious, but still -- PIRAT vol 2 is OUT NOW.

Conceived by MIKOLAJ and amazing YET TO BE DISCOVERED comix gorilla, PIRAT is one of THE best looking anthologies I've had the amazing honor of being in. It's a real damn shame that this isn't translated into english, because the stories in these books look so damn good -- I only wish i could read them!

The book features part two of CHICAGUA, a story of a taco delivery guy in a post apocalyptic world where beef is hard to come by. The story is so old, i think i drew it 2 years ago -- I hope so much to revisit it and actually complete it someday soon, maybe after I graduate!

If you have the cash, and don't mind waiting a few weeks for delivery, -- PICK THIS BOOK UP-- and find yourself a translator -- you won't be disappointed!

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