The Good Soldier

For someone who's so busy, i actually sleep better than most people i know. Maybe not so much BETTER, but i sure as hell get MORE sleep than most of my friends. Maybe it's because I value my sleep, and I hate the idea of having to down four or five red bulls (which isn't good for my already horrible blood pressure!).

So, busy i say? I mean it! This past wednesday, I am proud to say that two books i contributed to hit the comic book stores!

First and foremost, Elephantmen #25 -- which has 25 amazing artists-- you'll find my page on pg 3! Bunch of dead people-- that was really fun and tough to draw.

Second-- THE SPIRIT #1, drawn by MORITAT and colored by me, with flats by mr astrobrain
that has been a helluva learning experience, and it seems people are really diggin the first issue-- so hopefully we get to stick around for many more! I JUST finished wrapping up issue two, and lemme tell you-- the action gets INTENSE.

And now a lil treat for all you elephantmen enthusiast, a lil something i made for comicraft's first tiger-- richard starkings

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