This Time.


I'm only gonna do a quick recap-- or bullet points of epic shit i did, cause I am still trying to catch up on homework because of sunny san d.

  • Helped kevin eastmen n crew set up heavy metal booth, yes.. mr ninja turtles, I work for him now.. oh yes.
  • Had lunch with Claudio and his lovely fiance, yes claudio from coheed and cambria. I kept my cool, didn't geek out AT ALL. NOT AT ALL. I'm not that kinda guy ;)
  • Hung with many amazing peoples. I love you all.
  • Sgt Mark is a godamn hero and I would make love to him, if i had the right equipment.
  • Sheldon almost got his ass beat by Ray Park, yes.. darth maul. Instead, Darth was a nice guy and pulled his drunk friend off of sheldon.
  • Drew many pictures for many beautiful peoples at the elephantmen table all week.
  • Watched Mad Max 2 and a luchador movie at Ben Templesmith's crib-- yes 30 days of night Templesmith. He had a projector pointing at a giant white brick wall, genius.
  • There's tons of other things I can't think of. So i'll leave them in my mind for the brain people to feed on and dissolve.
Back in chicago now-- getting ready for a wizard world chicago.
I'm conned out man, why can't i get a longer break?

Here is shit sketchbook arts for you.

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