Skeleton Boy

Chicago comic-con is done. Thank God.
This year was horrible. Absolutely the worst "big box" convention I've ever been to.
Marvel, DC, AND Image failed to show up, leaving a big convention hall to be filled with washed up wrestling stars and sub par movie stars alike. Not to mention every 30 minutes their was an over head announcement regarding gaming tournaments people could join up in... which weren't all that fantastic to begin with-- $20 entry fee, and second place won $28? FUN.

The only thing that managed to save the whole event was getting together with a slew of my internet amigos and amigas. I had the pleasure of finally meeting some people I've been friends with for years in person.

From how things are looking though, I think SDCC will be the only summer con i will be attending from now on.

Next month there's another lil con coming to the city, Windy City Con, and my boss mr richard starkings (http://www.hipflask.com/) will be a guest there, so I gotta sharpen up my skills on drawing me some sexy girls!

And thats exactly what I did on monday!

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