There were nights, when the wind was so cooold...

My scanner is dying. I spent about 30 minutes messing with it. The diagnosis? Every time i plug it in, (via usb) it runs its own lil "AM I RUNNING OKAY?" test, and last night it messed up for the second time since the beginning of the year. It runs all the way up to the end, and then just gets STUCK, and makes this awful CLICKING noise, like its screaming for me to help him, but papa cant do nothing cause lil scanner boy is stuck behind a glass window. Its really upsetting when something you spent some big money on, (80 some dollars is a lot of money to me.) starts to break down on you... seemingly for no reason at all. Sure sure, i could have taken better care of it, and stacking books and other heavy shit on it prolly isnt the best thing to do, but all in all its lasted a damn long time. I got the thing sometime back in '01 or '02, so i'm rather proud of its life.

Well gabe why dont you go out and just get another one? Okay sure, i mean i got money. I CAN go out and buy another one, but you know what i'm going to end up paying? To begin with, i only buy electronics at work (best buy). If i cant get an extended warranty on it, then i dont feel secure. Not to mention that most of the scanners they sell nowadays are more expensive than all-in-one printers that happen to have really shitty scanners attached to them. But to top it all off... THIS SCANNER HAS BEEN WITH ME FOREVER, itd be like going out to get a new dog when you know the current one is on its way out... theres something, sick about that. Yah okay i'm being a bit dramatic, but dammit thats 100 dollars i can spend on like, ... food? printing comics, posters, art supplies! I mean sure, i can always run to school and scan whatever needs scanning, and thats what i do with all my 11x17 pages, but jeez... theres nothing better than drawing up a quick lil epic doodle and scanning it up real fast to show off to the rest of the world. JUST AS I WANTED TO DO LAST NIGHT.

Eventually the damn thing fixed it self (God only knows how..) and i managed to scan the caca i've been conjuring up these past few days. In other news... when i was Panera on wednesday night, a kind gentlemen type cat came up to me and chose to chat it up and ask me about my art. Nothing much was said, but we exchanged biz cards, he claimed that his company often hires people from columbia (art school down in the city), so now i'm intrigued. He called me up this afternoon, but i couldnt answer the phone, so i think i'll give him a jingle back tommorrow... see what this leads too.

My throat is killin me right now, ive had this damn cold since last friday night, and its really starting to overstay its welcome. I dont think i said that right, must be the nyquil. But i digress, please, sit back and enjoy the eye soldering art you are about to download into your optics!


Silver Sehkmet said...

My old scanner would make that awful "KLAK-KLAK-KLAK-KLAK" noise too. It was like the scanner head was getting stuck and ramming itself into the back wall. :(

Luckily it too made a self-recovery and would continue on as if it's little tourette attack never happened.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

I feel ya on the scanner bit. Old scanners can be really finicky. Mine can be just like the one you described.
Cool sketchies.

And I LOVE the new header you used from your story. Im REALLY excited to see it!!

Klos said...

Man, it will be very nice to be published in the same "Pirat" magazine. I cannot wait to see it on paper. You'll get translation also :D