I told you so...

I've been wanting to update for quite some time now, but i've been tryin to get over the fact that the ketches i'm about to post, for the most part are complete crap. I think i've just been forcing myself to sketch when i'm between classes or during break time in said classes. I think maybe its also my ego tryin to show off, tryin to put up my dukes, so these kids get a taste of what i'm capable of... as most of them drawing the same character or general THING over and over again.

And there i go bitchin bout the kids at school, who unfortunately dont know any better.. BUT IM WORKIN ON THAT.
While i was inkin a page for CHICAGUA, i had a young lad by the name of GENE (hyperboy.deviantart.com) who stumbled about and was taken back by the detail in my pages, i introduced myself and encouraged him to join entervoid.com (of course i told him i invented it) and to my surprise he actually knew about it.

After check out his DA account, i came to realize this cat knows a lot more people that i know... not something i had even fathomed when i talked to him. The kid has MAD potential, his style is just ACHING to break out and annihilate the weaklings at school, and if he lets me... ima give that kid all the tools he needs to do just that. I need someone to challenge me there, someone i can hate...in a friendly manner hahaha.

This week has been one of the best weeks for me, professional than i have had in a very long time, in the next coming weeks, i'm going to pull up so much awesome news and work and love that i'm gonna explode. And all this good news thats come along means i gotta bust my ass even harder. As of late of i've been slacking on these pages for CHICAGUA, due to some personal issues, but now things are back on track, and soon enough i'll post some pages of that for all of you to read... for now please, allow me to burn your eyes with this crap sketch love.

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