Work ethic? hermit? or maybe i'm just a jerk?

For the past few months, prolly more like 2 years, i've been on this kick where all i want to do is just draw. Going out with friends, spending time with loved ones, or even playing video games or watching a movie are all activities that i've been lookin down on. Why? because all i want to do is draw. So i keep asking myself, is it that i'm turning into a hermit? I've had these ideas and fantasies of moving to some remote city just out of the blue, not telling anyone i've left and just living on what i can. Get a shitty job somewhere moving boxes or selling furniture, and then just come home and eat shitty ramen and draw my heart out.

Now i would never actually do that, i'm far too dependent on my friends and girlfriend to ever do that, but at the same time i feel like i want to be a SEMI-hermit. Could it be that my work ethic is just beyond what everyone else can handle?

At school i'm doing pretty good, but the lack of effort among 90% of the school is really starting to get on my nerves. People would rather hang out in the student lounge and shoot the shit, than work on their skills. I understand that for most of them, they're in a new environment where they can be themselves, but it's just so depressing that they'd rather run around getting drunk and goofing off rather than work on their future.

Maybe i'm just a jerk, and i have social problems.

I dont scan enough to post on here everyday, so i dont even know why i'm updating now.
Either way, here's a page from an upcoming title i'm workin on for the con season.


Jared said...

hahah that was almost me. i was real close to moving to reykjavik a year ago, & i imagined that was pretty much going to happen. locking myself in a room & doing nothing but cg art & comics.
if anything it's just a testament to the passion you have for what it is you're doing, & real friends/family should be able to see that & understand.
don't be a hermit, but continue to do good things!


alberto rios said...

Man i know what you mean about just like moving and drawing like their is no tomorrow. i feel like that too..
I wish for that sometimes...It seems kinda harsh but when your alone it seems like you can do soo much more theirs nobody to worry about no one to nagg about stupid shit thats not important.. but at the same time being lonely sucks.
your not a jerk for thinking that.

Anonymous said...

Shit man, I've been feeling like that too. I mean, I'm not so hardcore that I can draw all day every day (I'll hang out with my friends at night and stuff) and I guess a lot of people don't have the capacity to work a LOT.
But it bugs the crap out of me whenever people are like, "I don't really care about doing any of this," and then goof off all day, and do their homework right before it's due, and put no effort into it. Like, it's cool to be interested in other things or social life or whatever. But if they don't care about doing this, why the fuck are they even here?

Being a hermit would be hard, but it would be pretty sweet if you could isolate yourself from everyone who's just dicking around wasting everyone's time. Like to live on a private island with people who have that same work ethic.

Lindsay said...

It feels like a lot of people I go to school with kind of fall in that get drunk don't care about your work kind of mentality.
It sucks and I totally understand how you feel.
I wish I was as motivated as you to worry that I was becoming a hermit tho! If only i could spend that much time on my work!
I just wish I could find the right words to explain to nonart people how time consuming it can be sometimes. Sure, I might not have homework every night like some other major, but I've been in the studio all day while they were taking a nap or something...


anyway, I dont' think that's jerky.

Wei said...

social problems? ....jerk?........that's the actual the recipe for comics