Inca Steppa - Juno Reactor

I'm still trying to recover from this horrible cold I got raped by in lovely seattle.
my defenses were downed by 3 manx cats. one of them was three legged even.

i drew many pretty pictures for people at emerald city comicon, here is one of them.


All the Girls Love Alice - Elton John

Busy bee has no time to make a speech, here are pages from a past project I've been hiding for a few months.


It was supposed to be so easy - The Streets

QUICK NEWS- I graduated!  Which means I have more time to draw things for you all to look at!
January will be full of love for your eyes amigos and amigas.. for now, take a gander at THIS-->

For any of you cats who will be in Chicago next year during the scorching month of August, come visit me at the Wizard World Comic Con! Get yourself a free sketch and a few kisses :-*


More art for all you gorgeous people before the end of the year!


Its Just Begun - She Wants Revenge

And i'm a college graduate - wow.
No time to chitter chatter, so here is animation sauce I put together this weekend!


Las Batallas - Cafe Tacuba

Fun fun fun. 3 weeks left of school left. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

And here is a treat for you all <3