Sam Hall - Johnny Cash

6 weeks school until I graduate -- and I'm cool as a freezapop!
I should probably be crying right now --

I've got mad deadlines before thanksgiving for just about everyone I'm working for, BUT THAT'S OKAY.
I'm a monster and I will show it.

I was cleaning out my iphone and I found some art I have yet to show off, so please-- enjoy amigos and amigas!Please excuse the quality, they are iphone snap shots! MY SCANNER LACKS WINDOWS 7 DRIVERS, UGH.

Here's a watercolor piece I did at SDCC 2010, for Kevin Eastman, of Heavy Metal -- just a lil thank you art for letting me do tones for the new line of books called Pleasure Model

some more watercolor love for a bday present

The follow two sketches are for an online web comic I'm starting up with an indie superstar artist not yet known to YOU ALL. But trust me, you will cry tears of joy when you see her powers! Its going to be a panel tag sort of comic in which I do a page, then she does a page, and so on-- the story will be very loose and dependent on what we perceive to be best or funnest route to go! A fun little experiment in improv comics! More on that as it develops oh yes.

Last little bit is a sketch I found on the back of a giant sketch pad i decimated ages ago-- I love nonsensical sketches like these, I think I will develop it further after school ends, something about a 3 ft tall ninja guitarist and a 300lb japanese drummer makes me grin like a school girl

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