25 Or 6 To 4 - Chicago

First and foremost! Issue #26 of Elephantmen is out now! And inside, you'll find art and coloring by yours truly and mr astrobrain! For the most part, my work will be found at the back of the issue, for a new mini comic that will be showing up in the back of the issue monthly -- http://charleylovesrobots.com/ -- it'll be drawn and colored by both andre and I, switching off pages here n there!

SECOND -- Issue 3 of Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT is out AS WELL, go pick THAT up -- great ending to the story arc! I just wrapped up colors on issue 4 before leaving to NYC, this new story arc by David Hine is looking AWESOME. And of course moritat is tearing it up on pencils, SO KEEP AN EYE OUT ON THAT.

YES I WENT TO NYC. Had the chance to meet up with my editor at DC HQ, what an amazing city! A little too big if you ask me, but wow-- u can find ANYTHING there.The ACE HOTEL IS BRILLIANT-- Hipster feel for a hipster world, we had bunks beds in our room, how crazy is that?

I'll leave you with a lil sketch stuffs i've been piling up in my sketch book the past few month, nothing glamorous-- just me n my brain.

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