North American Scum.

Tough, tough quarter.
Started off really strong, hit up SDCC, made a lot of new connections.. not only in the comic field but animation as well.
When i got back though there was hell to pay. I had missed two days of school, and did no work during my lil vaca.
Set me back really bad, and the next month was just lost to catching up and hating catching up.

Catching up was difficult too, as i had some big projects on my plate that i had to knock out.
One of which just dropped on the 30th, JLA 80 page giant! (interview with writer) . Moritat (Justin Norman) and I worked on the ten pager we got, and I think he rocked the hell out of it. The colors, initially were amazing.. but after having to mess with the saturation levels, it just lost its flair.. in my opinion, as you can see in the sample... wish i had the original still...

I've got a slew of other stuff i'll be posting through the week, just tryin to relax during my puny one week vaca (which is really only 2 days of true vaca, since i work fulltime hur hur.)

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