Just a lil something i conjured up for my boys at blackcherrybombshells.com
If you guys haven't read this comic, DO IT. Its a fun read, and godamn it would make an epic movie.
It'd be a dude flick FOR SURE, something that would have to have megan fox duking it out with scarlett johansson fo sho.

but i digress.. here is some fan art love..
my fav character.. SLAMAZON.
why? cause she's a luchador chick.. and they murder mejicanos. Its true-- read the news!


Walter Ostlie said...

Sweet work. I posted it on the zuda fan art blog http://zudafanart.blogspot.com/


Your style is amazing. I love this image and made it my desktop wall paper.

Thank you so much for read.

I think of Megan Fox fitting in the movie somewhere too :)

saulone said...

Nice work!