It's not unusual...

Did me up a fresh lil drawing this weekend, and yes this may sound weird, but it was for my dentist's bday. My girl works in a dentist office, so its just natural for her to make friends with the people she works with, and my dentist there, is one awesome guy. He's got the illest tattoos and plays some rad synth music. He's fallen in love with my iono robot, so i thought id do him up a pic. So one friday afternoon in the middle of panera, i conjured up this lil fella, and that night i managed to knock out the photoshop heavy colors. I'll prolly dismantle it, add a different bg to it, change the name on the shoes, the screen will prolly say gabo or gaza, and then sell prints at cons. Them kids gobble this stuff up.

In other news, i have this nagging, cronic itch in my throat, like a soar throat type thing, and its bugging the hell out of me. It feels like its starting to fade, but damn its so annoying. I think its been causing my lack of production art, i've really only been doodling lately, besides the pic up top. I'm getting back into the mix fo sho though, so hopefully i can get back into full steam this week. I've got A LOT to make up for CHICAGUA, little less than 30 pages to annihilate by the end of march, gotta have em done so i can print up the book for the beginning of may.. i should be able to swing that, i hope.

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