the future of jobs... doesnt look good...

So i applied at some company last week, not really expecting to get a call back, but suprisingly enough though they DID call me.. and actually wanted to speak to me.. which is nice for a change. My rate for getting a call to come in for an interview for jobs i've applied for in my entire working career has been like less than 10%.

Thats fuckin ridicoulus if you ask me.

Anyways, so they call me, and I try to call back all last week and nobody answers the phone. So this week i promised myself i would call them to see what was up... but i just seriously NEVER remember to do it. But, TODAY... those bastards call me back again, so i made sure to call them back IMMIEDIATLEY.

I ended up going through a short 15 minute over the phone interview and i tell yah... i'm a godamn master at that shit. I could get a job as the president of the united states with phone interviews.
Anyhow... in order for me to get this position.. A) i have to have good credit.. well.. A LEVEL of credit that is acceptable to them. But how good does it have to be? i have no clue.

Now the thing that really got me thinkin was... after they check my credit, they have to have me come in for a personality test. I'm sure anyone who has been trying to find a job lately will noticed that those damn personality tests are required at damn near any company you try to apply to. Which is a bit scary becuase...what if i'm just not built correctly .. SUB CONSCIOUSLY? I mean i can do my best to cover up my sub conscious while i'm around people... but those tests rate how fast or how slow you answer shit, and HOW you answer shit.

Whats gonna happen when ALL companies run off of personality tests? Nobody will have jobs i swear.

Anyways... daily sketch, i hit up stephanie's soccer game tonight and got some nice poses in.
In-door soccer is intense. I wanna join up really bad.

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